Favourite Green Finds


As some of you know, I’ve been on a bit of a personal crusade for many years now, slowly but surely transforming areas of my life to be more earth friendly and human friendly. After completing a design project in college in which I researched all the chemicals that go into modern day cosmetics (and as a result feeling mystified that we weren’t all dying of cancer) I started slowly but surely finding alternatives for things that we need to use in day to day life. This has naturally pushed into other areas of my life, but I suspect one of the areas people have most problems with is toiletries. They result in so much throw away plastic and often the chemicals in the various skin care items that are bombarded at us on a day to day basis means we are chemically overloading our bodies. Not to mention the lack of oversight when it comes to labelling products (especially in the USA and Canada) where companies can legally call a product natural and it contain nothing remotely natural in it at all. So just bear that in mind if you’re on a similar crusade - start reading the labels!

So I’ve collected here some of my go to items, things that I’ve tried and tested personally and now religiously purchase when I need them:

*note I don’t get any perks for doing this I just want to share it incase anyone else is looking for a replacement for a plastic product or a chemically loaded product.


One thing I’ve come to notice after slowly taking chemicals and synthetic perfumes out of my day to day life (whether that be in soaps, cleaners or air fresheners) is how attuned my sense of smell now is to whether a scent is natural or chemical. It’s quite obvious and I struggle to tolerate synthetic scents now as a result.

Here’s my shortlist of favourite all natural and/or plastic free finds:



If you’re attempting to rid plastic from your life then don’t forget floss - which is made from plastic and is the perfect size for being ingested by sensitive sea creatures. Georganics have a biodegradeable floss that comes in a nifty refillable glass container. They also have mouthwash tablets (that also come in a glass bottle) so you don’t have to buy plastic bottles of mouth wash.

Oh and they also sell wooden toothbrushes!


Natural Deo. Co.

I think the thing that started this whole thing off was my search for a natural deodorant that works. After reading about the terrible chemicals that are in deodorants and the effects that can have on your body - not to mention the super porous and absorbent area you use them on, I’ve been on a mission ever since to find the perfect one. I’ve tried rock salt options, dry options, deodorant bars - you name it, I’ve tried it. For me, my favourite and most effective so far is produced by Natural Deo. Co. - if you have sensitive skin then it’s a really gentle option and for me (I stress this because deodorants are going to work differently for different people) it has been the absolutely most effective. They also come in a glass jar that you can reuse and now have metal lids - no plastic! Yay!


Moss Green Organics Soap

Ok, as much as Boots / Sephora / Lush (insert cosmetic company name here) will like to have you believe, you don’t need shower gel, you don’t need a different kind of soap for this or that. Do yourself and the planet a huge favour and just use good ole’ soap. You could even try making it yourself! I personally use Moss Green Organics soaps because I sell it in my little shop, so I might as well use it. It lasts ages, smells wonderful with its all natural scents and keeps things super simple. Oh and there’s no plastic here either!


Shampoo Bars

Speaking of unnecessary stuff, the hair care industry is rife with chemicals and unnecessary waste and plastic use. I’ve tried endless amounts of all-natural conditioner and believe me with fine, light hair - this is a bit of a nightmare. Most all-natural shampoos lack a foaming agent (which is the first thing on the ingredients list of any non-natural shampoo - sodium lauryl sulfate) and that takes a while to get used to. They also - in my experience - rarely work well on fine, fly away hair. If I had thick lustrous hair I would simply try not washing it but here we are - not going to happen. So again, I’ve tried all kinds and my favourite so far is by happenstance again from Moss Green Organics. Interestingly I have way more success with the Lemongrass ‘flavour’ - the Rosemary option doesn’t do me any favours at all - so again, like deodorant, it’s best to try a few to see what works for you.


Padkix & Thinx

Well, sorry guys, but I couldn’t go about radically changing my plastic consumption without talking about sanitary towels. Just the thought of how much plastic ends up in land fills or in the ocean (please ladies stop flushing them!) as a result of something we have no control over makes my skin crawl. There are other options out there, the diva cup for those brave ladies who want to do that kind of thing. Not me. Personally I’ve had success with Padkix and Thinx. Padkix are great for heavy days but they are bulky and a little uncomfortable, Thinx I wouldn’t trust on a heavy day but are way more comfortable and more nicely designed (but with a much higher price tag). Thankfully there are loads of other options out there today as well, so there is no reason to not go plastic free and chemical free when it comes to sanitary products. Huzzah!


Other skincare

Again, I sell these in my shop, mainly because they are very local to me but also more importantly because they are wonderful! Scent Alchemy has an ever growing range of hand-crafted skin care items and Katia does an amazing job of ensuring most of her products have a range of uses. For example her Heal Me Fabulous moisturiser worked wonders on my dry skin and eczema, it’s also been a great after-sun, night moisturiser, body moisturiser - it’s just wonderful OK! And if you’re looking to reduce your chemical load, then cut out sun-cream which is chock full of harmful chemicals that doesn’t do ocean-life any favours either. Either cover up or source an all-natural alternative of which there are very many now available, including from Scent Alchemy.

Other stuff

Wyatt & Jack

I discovered Wyatt & Jack just the other day and was blown away by the creative solutions they have to the awful waste that comes from beach / pool inflatables and also bouncy castles. After these items have had their fun and are no longer useable for their purpose they head to land-fill - being unrecyclable. Wyatt & Jack started making stuff out of them and I think that’s great! So if you need to buy a durable bag then look no further!



Ok, there’s something to be said for just not buying stuff you don’t need. Ok? It’s pretty obvious that our consumerist society is not helping matters one bit. But again, if you need a new travel bag, then like the above company, Rareform are making interesting accessories out of vinyl from billboards - seriously I thought billboards were paper… ignorance is bliss apparently.

That’s all I have for my favourite Green Finds for now, if I find more I’ll do another volume! But I hope this list helps you in some way! And if you have any favourite green finds, leave them in the comments!