Favourite Etsy Finds - Issue 1

I love Etsy, I sell on Etsy, I think it’s a great means to find beautiful, unique gifts and directly support makers, crafters and artisans in their pursuits as creators. On rainy days I muse around the stores and ‘favourite’ things that I may one day treat friends, family and maybe even myself to — and as it’s a rainy day so I thought I’d share some of my favourite treasured finds.


By silvery lake

I discovered this talented jeweller some time ago and since have coveted this particular piece. All their creations harbour a sense of whimsy, flawless attention to detail and stunning lines.

Check them out here.


by shaping forms

The moment I discovered Shaping Spirit’s Etsy shop the other week I was in love. The work combines my love of natural random forms combined with beautifully graceful figures emerging from driftwood or seashells.

See more here.


by lunarieen

Lunarieen is a place to feed your inner Dragon Queen and is another jeweller I have followed for a long time, their unique style reminds me of something that an ice queen might wear or a dragon lord. Needless to say every piece in their shop is eyecatchingly epic. The problem is finding an outfit suitable to handle such an amazing piece.

Check them out here.


by twigsimmortalized

There is something so unique about felting and I love the combination of colours, texture and pattern that can be created with an almost watercolour feel to the end result. Twigsimmortalized is one of the many felters on Etsy that craft beautiful pieces for your wardrobe.

See the shop here.


by jaffic

As someone who lives in a high-ceilinged and ancient apartment, the need for snuggly clothing is paramount and the creations by Jaffic are just down my alley. Rather than buying from a brand name store that supports slave labour, how about filling your wardrobe with unique, handmade finds such as this.

View more here.


by yoannLossel

One of my first purchases from Etsy was from one of my favourite artists Yoann Lossel. His work features stunningly detailed graphite creations embellished with gold leaf. His prints are top notch and unique creations in and of themselves.

Enjoy his work here.

That’ll do for today! Be sure to follow my blog to see the next issue of my Favourite Etsy Finds!!