Artist Discoveries: Susan Seddon Boulet

©Copyright  Susan Seddon Boulet

I believe many artists have a moment that they remember as clear as crystal — the day they saw someone’s artwork that had a profound impact on their life that perhaps drove them to start creating in the first place. In this small article series I want to share some of the artists who have influenced my artistic career.

I must have been in my early teens and we were visiting a local Tibetan Monestary in Cumbria (random I know) on a family outing. They had a small gift shop and in it I found Susan Seddon Boulet’s work, it was the first time I had seen someone’s work that simply blew me away. I think to sum it up, my response was simply — “I want to create like this” (at that point I didn’t even know I would strive to be a full-time artist, I was still obsessively drawing horses!), but I bought a pack of her postcards that featured a variety of her artworks and they have followed me around the world ever since, all be it now looking a little faded and dog-eared in places.

For me, Susan’s work is timeless and beautifully unique, her subject matter tends to be spiritual, mythical or shamanic in subject matter, featuring beautifully delicate pencil work, glimmering pastels and unique textures. I simply cannot get enough of her work and pour over it regularly when getting inspired for a new piece. I still strive to create that sense of fluid and random textures that morph subtly into something deliberate.

Here are some of my favourite pieces by Susan who sadly is no longer with us, but I invite you to explore her website to see more of her pieces.