New Skillshare class launch!


Amongst all the other things I do as an artist, I LOVE to share some of my tips, tricks and techniques on how I create my artwork. My favourite medium to do this is through Skillshare which is a fabulous site where you can learn pretty much anything from experts in their field. This isn't your average YouTube tutorial, these are high quality, curated tutorials for learning new skills. You have direct access to the teacher and the ability to share your creations for feedback and ask any questions for things you may need help with.

This latest class is an in-depth insight into my creative process when creating digital art. I explain how to build a toolkit of useful texture and photographic resources that you can use in your next digital art, help identify what makes a good texture and then walk you through my process for creating EPIC digital art. We go into painting in Photoshop, learning about Layer modes and blending modes and much more! So if you want to dive into this fabulous medium, then join the class now!