What I Want from a Smart Phone


I used to work in the design industry, I still do to a certain extent. And at the time at the company I worked at, if you didn’t own an Apple device you were pretty much publicly shamed - all in good fun but still, we all worked on Apple devices and praised their quality, design and general usability.

Now, as a full-time artist, I use my knocked about and chipped iPhone 6 every day, almost all day. I check all the various social media’s that an artist such as myself has to use to keep herself relevant in this day and age and connect with people who follow my art. I use it to shoot video of my work, record tutorials, shoot photos of my art and products, keep endless lists of things to do and so much more. To say it is an incredibly important tool in my toolkit would be an understatement.

But here’s the thing as much as I would like to upgrade to improve the camera perhaps, or the storage capacity, or the video shooting capacity I find myself unable to move forward with my choice.

When Apple came out with the iPhone it was a game changer, it put all these disparate tools in one place (calculators, calendars, address books, notebooks, cameras to name but a few) but is it just me or has this company now completely stagnated?

Here’s what I’m not looking for in a phone:

  • I don’t need a phone that somehow animates my face into an emoji

  • I don’t need a phone that uses my face for security purposes

  • I don’t need a phone that has become so big that it no longer fits in my pocket or in my hand for that matter

  • I don’t want a phone that has an OS that will eventually become obsolete

  • I don’t want a phone that forces me to buy unique charging cables that fray and break all too easily and work for nothing else

  • I don’t want to buy into the throwaway culture that is so pervasive today

  • I don’t want to buy a phone that is obsolete in a year, almost unusable in 5

Here’s what I’m looking for in a phone:

  • I want Apple to lead the way as they did with the iPod and the iPhone and become the first tech giant to make their phone and its components replaceable. I don’t want to upgrade my phone every year to stay relevant, I want to easily and affordably be able to remove broken or outdated components in a way that is environmentally responsible - reducing waste and not taking advantage of third world slave labour

  • I want an OS that will allow my phone to be upgraded along with the individual components as technology advances as it inevitably will

  • I want a phone that has accessories that work with other devices, universal power charging and the like

  • I want to feel like I’m making an environmentally sustainable and ethically sound decision when buying a phone

  • I want to buy into a company that I feel is making ethical choices and is good value for money, I don’t expect to be “sold” the latest handset next year

  • Furthermore I’m not interested in a company that wants to release a new model every year, I want to invest in a company that is going to sell me a phone that I will keep for the rest of my life

There are other tech companies out there trying to make a component/modular based phone, but needless to say, without the kind of money that Apple has in their banks, it’s near impossible to achieve. We need tech giants such as Apple to lead the way forward, stop trying to hypnotise us with sparkly screens covered in rainbow colours and start getting real about the very real issues that we face today and in our near future.